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Our Story

Aero-mark, LLC was founded by Mark Lee in 1986. Mr. Lee’s primary goal was to build a firm specializing in the acquisition, development, and management of companies in Aerospace and Defense. Throughout his career he had vested interest in other sectors that have provided profitable returns and has since then expanded the company’s investment focuses.


Our passion for investing in small and unique businesses originates from our team’s background in entrepreneurship, finance, management, and a strong network. Coupled with our core competencies - process improvement, accounting, marketing, and drive, Aero-mark is equipped to bring long term returns. 

Aero-mark has primarily invested on its own however, it has also partnered with management and other capital providers who have achieved significant economic returns.  Aero-mark has been primarily driven as the investment vehicle of Mark Lee.  It is seeking to institutionalize its record and standing in the industry by expanding its management and ownership team to provide for continued success in succeeding generations.

Meet the Team

Meet our team of dedicated executives. Some of which have been with Aero-Mark since its founding.

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Aero-mark Group News & Events

November 2022

Ron Torres Promoted To Vice President Of Line Maintenance. Learn More

April 2021

CAS - Stronger Than Ever and Ready to Serve. Learn More

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