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Aero-mark, LLC is a private investment firm with over 35 years of experience in the acquisition, growth, and improvement of companies. It has been successful in purchasing small organizations and increasing their value to make them attractive for an acquisition for larger entities that wish to expand their portfolios. Aero-mark improves its investments by providing resources of strategic direction, capital, management, contacts and technology. 

Although Aero-mark has primarily invested on its own, it has also partnered with management and other capital providers who have achieved significant economic returns.  Aero-mark has been primarily driven as the investment vehicle of Mark Lee.  It is seeking to institutionalize its record and standing in the industry by expanding its management and ownership team to provide for continued success in succeeding generations.

Aero-mark has primarily focused in the Aerospace and Defense segment but has made additional investments in real estate and technology.  It is expanding the scope of its capabilities by growing and augmenting its team with those of wider backgrounds. 

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Aero-mark has primarily focused on the Aerospace
and Defense industry but has made additional
investments in real estate and technology.

Expanding the scope of Aero-mark capabilities by
growing and augmenting its team with those of
wider backgrounds.

Improving investments by providing resources of
strategic direction, capital, management, contacts,
and technology.

A passion for investing in small and unique

Utilizing our core competencies of process
improvement, accounting, marketing and drive,
Aero-mark is equipped to bring long term returns.

Our Holdings


Building Admired and Increasingly Valuable Organizations

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Fairhope Aerospace, LLC (FHA) is an FAA certified part 145 repair station founded in 2012, offering CMRO solutions on over 7,000 part numbers from 55 manufacturers across 30 aircraft variants and 21 ATA Chapters specializing in Hydraulics and Pneumatics.

CheckSix AeroSolutions, LLC is an A&D MRO service company providing support to commercial operators and General Aviation owners. CheckSix AeroSolutions owns 15+ beechcraft STC & PMA Articles and provide installation and modification services for most avionics manufacturers including being an Authorized Garmin Avionics Dealer

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TVA Capital, LLC is a startup venture to explore opportunistic and value added financial projects. These niche projects may include real estate, aircraft purchase and leasing, aircraft parts trading or other related situations which offer the potential for high yield returns.

Certified Aviation Services, LLC (CAS) is an independent provider of MRO services for fleet operators, lessors, OEMs and Adjusters globally. Backed by more than 500 world-class A&P mechanics, and 30+ years of service, CAS is an industry-leading performer.


Track Record In The Small Buyout Market.

Petrox Industries (Oil and Gas)
General Aluminum Forgings
Pioneer Forge
Western Tool and Die
Palm Springs Aircraft Maintenance Services
M-Dot Engineering
Alabama Instrument and Radio
Redline Turbine Systems
Aviation Research Systems
Commercial Guardian
Loud Engineering & Manufacturing
Vard Precision
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Aero-mark strives to respond to all online questions, comments, or concerns within 24 hours. If you would prefer to speak to us on the phone or require immediate assistance please contact us at (909) 706-8610.

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